World Vision for Education & Development
Motto: We Strive for Excellence









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WVED ; P.O Box : 212, Bamenda, N.W.R Cameroon, Central Africa ; Tel : (+237)675990300 ;Email : ,

We hold the following values:

WVED is an equal opportunity provider and subscribes to a policy of non discrimination.

Cameroon Academic Honour Roll Program (CAHRP) promotes excellence, good leadership and participatory development

Voluntary community participation is what will make Cameroon’s development more durable and sustainable. It takes hearts to volunteer your resources for the growth of the community. It is only when we volunteer freely our resources that we become nation builders and change makers Together let us build our nation with the participation of all so as to improve on our living standards.

Areas of focus:

CORY Project: Enable young rural men and women create sustainable farm and non farm businesses as entrepreneurs.

HerStory Innitiative: Empower girls through creative expression, transformational literacy and dynamic mentorship

Show love and care to OVCs. LitClub members volunteering at orphanage Bamenda-Nkwe, Bmenda I Dvision

Make our environment a better place. Volunteer action and community building activity by LitClub

Current Projects/Programs

We are open to partnerships with organizations in any part of the world who share our passion and are interested in creating positive change in Cameroon-Africa by funding the different activities so as to achieve the desire goals.

We are open to implement desired programs/projects within the SDGs  in Cameroon, Africa and the World at large

Our Strategies: