World Vision for Education & Development
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WVED ; P.O Box : 212, Bamenda, N.W.R Cameroon, Central Africa ; Tel : (+237)675990300 ;Email : ,

Hinterlands International Missions
Regional Delegation 
for Secondary Education N.W.R, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of youth and vocational training

HerStory Initiative

Cameroon Academic Honor Roll Program (CAHRP)

MINESEC , participating Secondary Schools and Local Councils

Our Collaborators 
Favorite Quote

“Education is that which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding.”

Ambrose Bierce.

University Community Partnership for Social Action Research

North West Association of Development Organizations

Our Sponsors: Our successes and impact in  communities would not have been successful without you. Thank you for your continues support which has created a lot of impact in our communities. We are still looking forward to building more partnerships and sustaining already existing partnerships. We are proud of all our sponsors.

Creating Opportunities for Rural Youths in Farm and non Farm businesses in West and Central Africa (CORY) Project

WVED heartily thank Mr. George Nchotu Atanga for providing medals for the Cameroon Academic Honour Roll program (CAHRP) and trophies since 2001 to 2016. We are also very grateful to the Regional Delegation for Secondary Education NWR, the participating schools for CAHRP, the founding members of WVED for making the award program a  reality and sustainable till 2016. Support towards the growth of our projects will be well appreciated and announced to our beneficiaries to ensure accountability, transparency and sustainability.

WVED appreciates all stakeholders who have been making our projects and programs sustainable. We still encourage you to continue supporting us in our struggle to bridge gaps.

Impact Young Women for a Change