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WVED ; P.O Box : 212, Bamenda, N.W.R Cameroon, Central Africa ; Tel : (+237)675990300 ;Email : ,

John Egywan President & Founder of Hinterlands International Missions (H.I.M) U.S.A is so pleased with what WVED Cameroon is doing in terms of impact and changing lives in some communities in Cameroon. A very precious gift from H.I.M was presented to the coordinator and vision bearer of WVED.

WVED is so please with this gesture and thanked H.I.M so much for the wonderful initiative. The award of this seal will go a long way to motivate WVED in it’s activities.

While presenting the seal John Stated that he would like HIM Cameroon to Partner with WVED to see how they can work together in reaching the Un-reached in a Holistic Way so as to realize this vision together.

Donation of an Official Seal
A precious gift from Hinterlands International Missions (H. I. M.)
Main source of drinkable water in Nforya Bafut

It may be unbelievable that in the North west Region of Cameroon even some communities closer to urban cities like Nforya Bafut lacks portable water. A stream which is like a pot of standing water is used as their major source of drinkable water. Hygiene and sanitation in terms of water usage in this area is almost zero. Mrs Mankah is thirsty and that is how people in that community drink water from the stream the way she does it. However even in urban areas we are tempted to count standing taps as number of households that have access to water. About 80% of those taps  may flow just for 5 hours in 30 days. If issues are not well addressed as per community needs then we will see that the talk of access to portable water by all by the year 2015 will only be a dream and not a reality

Do we really care about the health and well being of others? Why are some communities not touched in terms of development while other communities are so touched that they have excesses. Think about Nforya Bafut where water is still a basic necessity yet we talk of access to water by all by the year 2015 is it a reality?

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WVED Cameroon  donated seeds to over 20 youths in Nforya Bafut  to boost their agricultural activities.

These youths are committed to taking up agriculture as career to transform their lives and improve on their living standards. During the need assessment it was found the youths of Nforya have the potentials for agriculture and also the resources (land for agriculture, rivers around the farm lands which can be use for irrigation)

The challenges faced by the youths were farm inputs, and insufficient know on sustainable agriculture in relation to climate change, business managements skills for agribusiness, lack of collateral security to deposit in micro financial institutions for loan.  

However WVED Cameroon is working hand in hand with the delegation of agriculture and rural development so see what can be done to limit the challenges faced by these youths.

WVED Cameroon is therefore appealing to partners who want to create an impact in the lives of these young farmers so as to improve on their living standards to do so.