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WVED ; P.O Box : 212, Bamenda, N.W.R Cameroon, Central Africa ; Tel : (+237)675990300 ;Email : ,


21 young women have benefited from a 2 days practical training organized by WVED Cameroon in Bamenda to equip them with income generating skills in commercial gardening, event planning and making of event cakes. This initiative dubbed “Impact Young Women for a change”, was realized thanks to the Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant awarded to 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow Cameroon Mirabel N. Ngong working with WVED Cameroon.

For two days the 21 beneficiaries between the ages of 18-25 were trained hands on deck by professionals on income generating skills in commercial gardening, event planning and making of event cakes.  Business experts equally guided them on marketing and income management skills which enabled them to do budgeting and planning for their own businesses.

This program was equally graced by the presence of the President of Mandela Washington Fellows Association Cameroon, Christelle C. Bay who motivated these young women on the importance of agriculture and the need to develop their skills further for positive impact.

At the end of the training all four groups realized four types of cakes and cultivated a Demo vegetable garden.  

The 21 trainees have been supported with some baking tools/equipments, seeds and will be mentored to start up their small gardens and small baking businesses. With further partnerships and collaborators, we look forward to scaling up the project to reach out to more  communities to propel more women.

As Cameroon strives towards an emerging economy by 2035, we look forward to propelling more young women through economic leadership, giving wings to their ideas and to enabling them use their full potential towards nation building.

The saying goes thus: educate a woman, you empower a nation