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WVED ; P.O Box : 212, Bamenda, N.W.R Cameroon, Central Africa ; Tel : (+237)675990300 ;Email : ,


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Cameroon Academic Honor Roll Program (CAHRP): Sponsored by George Nchotu Atanga and WVED Cameroon from 2012 to 2015 and by WVED Cameroon, participating school through MINESEC from 2016………. in Mezam and Ngoketunjia Divisions presently.

Cameroon Academic Honour Roll Program (CAHRP)

This program has as objectives to :

Recognize achievements

Promote ingenuity within the academic staff

Recognize positive attitudes that encourage good leadership in students

Recognize ALUMNI achievements

Encourage female students to read science subjects

Recognize schools with best performances in their examination

Promote Innovative Ideas and participatory development

          The 5th edition of of CAHRP  is termed “New Dimension Batch “ celebrated under the theme: “ Youth Involvement in the fight against Hunger and Unemployment” with Honor Day Speaker Mrs Budji Kefen. It was an exciting event as it brought together over  1,700 participants from Mezam Division and Ngoketunjia Division as well.

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Cameroon Academic Honor Roll Program (CAHRP):  WVED through its Cameroon Academic Honor Roll Program (CAHRP) which is an annual event promotes excellence for students in secondary school, teachers and ex students as well as promotes good leadership and participatory development. Putting excellence at the forefront for both teachers, students and community leaders, we are focused with rewarding excellence in different schools and communities, thus promoting performance base motivation. We have given awards to over  1,200 students and ex students, and 300 teachers and community leaders in the North West Region of Cameroon within the last four years (from 2012 to 2016) with an outreach of 59 secondary schools and one teachers’ training college in Mezam and Ngoketunjia Divisions in Cameroon. We hope to gradually expand CAHRP activities beyond the North West Region of Cameroon. This activity has been funded since 2012 to 2015 by George Nchotu Atanga in the USA, WVED Cameroon and local fundraising activities. The program has so far register some interesting success stories as it goes a long way to improve on the CVs of the laureates, improving the general performance for both teachers and students in secondary schools and making our youths more assertive and better equipped to take decisions that enable them to be contributing members of the community. The program however has got numerous challenges one of which is fundraising for expansion to other Regions of Cameroon and maintaining sustainability of the program. We however appreciate those who have been donating towards sustaining this program and we are very open to welcome other donors or partners who share the same vision with us to  get involve in the program in which ever way they can. Contact our face book page: World Vision for Education and Development for detail information.