World Vision for Education & Development
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WVED ; P.O Box : 212, Bamenda, N.W.R Cameroon, Central Africa ; Tel : (+237)675990300 ;Email : ,

Cameroon Academic  Honour Roll Program (CAHRP): “Let Honour be to us a strong obligation”. Medal award to meritorious students of P.G.S.S.T Bafut During “open Day”
Youth Empowerment through Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness: Eradicating poverty in rural communities. Donation of farm inputs to Nforya youths by WVED.
Youths making the difference as emerging leaders: Leadership clubs in secondary schools. “Students taking the leadership club’s pledge”

Our Lady of Lourdes College (O.L.L) emerge school with academic distinction Honour Day Event 2012

Award of excellence to laureate of 2012 G.B.S.S Bayelle

Berinyuy Melvis a laureate of 2012 with excellence award says “ It is an Honour for me to receive an Award. I never knew I will one day be honoured like this. This is a big motivation for me. I will work extremely hard so that……..

La Liberte Arts Group performing during the 2012 Honour Day Event

Need assessments on agriculture and agribusiness with the youths of Nforya Bafut

Bridge constructed by the youths of Nforya Bafut leading to their farmers

Njeng is a vegetable farmer. She  faces a lot of challenges in the dry season because she rely on rain for production. She how ever has done water harvesting for use during the dry season. But that is not enough....

Tanyie is one of the biggest tomatoes farmers in Bafut even though he farms besides the swarm he still faces problems with irrigating his farm during the dry season.

Leadership club members of  P.C.S.S Azire in one of their training programs sa

Leadership club members of  P.S.S Mankon preparing against 2013 Honour Day Event “ stand up! Make noice! Take action against poverty”po

Group presentation by leadership club members during club training on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Leadership club members of G.B.H.S Down Town developing the leadership club pledge

Making the community a better place where the impact is felt and lives transformed should be a reality to us and not only a dream…….

Adding value to people’s live is what matters. Transforming the community begins by transforming an individual we must not have excess resources before thinking of extending a hand our little contributions will bring about the change we want to see. Together let us bring about that change

Reflect on a community with good health and education facilities, with improved economy and where hunger does not exist  how can we achieve this?

This is the kind of community every country is striving at . What about Cameroon?

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